At KLA Schools we remain focused on building various aspects of our children including developing their fine and gross motor skills. While fine motor skills involve coordination of children’s small muscles in movements which usually involve synchronization of their hands and fingers with their eyes, their gross motor skills are associated with their larger movements which they make with their arms, legs, feet, head and trunk. Both of them are equally important for their proper physical, creative and cognitive development and for building a strong foundation in them. So they can better cope up with the academic and other challenges in their upcoming years.

To promote the building of their fine and gross motor skills, we grant children an exceptional opportunity to explore and encounter developmentally appropriate challenges in a unique year round indoor gym which is equipped with the state of the art equipment. They will get to perform here exciting, playful and physically stimulating activities on equipments like tumbling mats, climbing wall, sensory swings and ball pits. These will help to improve their physical strength and endurance as well as enhance their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

If you as a parent are keen about child’s proper development, this indoor gym will grant your child the perfect opportunity to build his physical strength and endurance and other related aspects. He will be performing enriching activities under the supervision of our knowledgeable instructors, so you will have nothing to worry about and will be pleased with the gains your child will be experiencing by participating in the gym. It indeed is going to play a key role in his development and will help him transform into a confident, independent and thoughtful individual.

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